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    • The Toyota TF110 Formula 1 is a prototype, which was developed by Toyota Motorsport in Germany for the 2010 season.
    • Our Schaudepot area shows interesting vehicles in addition to our permanent exhibition.
    • Discover details - without annoying barriers. Here a TAG Turbo Formula 1 engine made by Porsche
    • The legendary Porsche Type 64 "Berlin-Rome car" was developed in the late 1930s based on the Volkswagen under Ferdinand Porsche and is considered a primal Porsche.
    • Stories about drivers and designers: sketchbook from Walter Komossa
    • First winner at the 1947 Hockenheimring race: Cisitalia D46 from Hans Stuck
    • Even small cars can cause big emotions
    • The lounge is dediceted to the life of Wolfgang von Trips
    • Original drafts of VW advertising graphics can illustrate automobile history
    • In 1991, Michael Schumacher drove this car as a replacement driver in his first Formula 1 race.
    • In the gallery area we present Photo Exhibitions like "Steve McQueen. The Last Mile"
    • 1949 Porsche 356/2 Gmünd Coupe in the Transparent Workshop - Copyright Thomas Görny

    Permanent exhibition

    From the Porsche ancestor Type 64 "Berlin-Rome car" up to Formula 1 racing cars

    The permanent exhibition on the first floor displays rare and sometimes even unique racing and sports cars, especially those of the early post-war Germany.

    One of the gems there is the Porsche ancestor Type 64 from 1939. Only three cars of this type were built to participate in a propaganda race from Berlin to Rome. The car on display is one of two surviving cars and is an impressive streamlined icon; groundbreaking for its time and role model for the later Porsche sports car generations!

    The exhibition shows even modern racing cars like the Jordan F1 191, with which seven-time Formula 1 World Champion Michael Schumacher drove his first Formula 1 race in 1991 and the 2009 Toyota TF110 prototype. Both cars are impressing with their synergy of aesthetics and strength.

    Particular dedication is given by the museum to the career and private life of Otto Mathé (1907 - 1995) and Wolfgang von Trips (1928 - 1961). Because of their natures and their successes as racing car drivers they both were personalities of their time.

    Located on the same floor as the permanent exhibition, some entertainment highlights like the integrated small cinema and the audio box can be found as well as the museum café and the museum shop.

    The Schaudepot area with further intersting cars, the gallery with the photo-exhibition and the miniatur wind tunnel as well as the lounge, which is dediceted to the life of Wolfgang von Trips, can be visited in the lower floors.