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    Hanse-Slot-Rallye at Automuseum Prototyp

    Hanse-Slot-Rallye - Automuseum Prototyp, Hamburg

    Our visitors had a lot of fun driving on this Rally Carrera Slot Track on the 6th of July.


    The special exhibition

    Neumann-Neander - special exhibition - Automuseum Prototyp, Hamburg

    Automuseum PROTOTYP presents a special exhibition called “Neumann-Neander – Motorisierte Kunstwerke” (Neumann-Neander – Motorised Artworks”). Ernst Neumann-Neander (1871-1954) designed driving machines and motorcycles as well as he drew and painted as a freelance artist. Automuseum PROTO ... | Read more

    28.11.2009 - "Duell unter Freunden"

    The opening of the special exhibition "24│77 - Le Mans"

    The symposiasts - Automuseum Prototyp, Hamburg

    For the first time in Germany an exhibition presents the topic of the 24 Hours of Le Mans independently from brands. Race cars from all epochs show the past, the present and the future of the world’s oldest sports car race in endurance racing. Since 1923 the 24 Hours of Le Mans are held annually ... | Read more

    24.06.2009 - At night at the museum

    The "Lange Nacht der Museen 2009" event

    Lange Nacht der Museen  - Automuseum Prototyp, Hamburg

    Till the wee hours of the morning car enthusiasts could gaze at the PROTOTYP-collection at the HafenCity in Hamburg. With one Ticket interested people could visit nearly every museum in Hamburg during March 16 at 6pm and March 17 at 2am. At this night over 3.500 people visited Automuseum PROTOTYP! ... | Read more

    23.06.2009 - Ernst Neumann-Neander's Driving Machine

    Displayed at Automuseum Prototyp

    Neumann-Neander Fahrmaschine (driving machine) - Automuseum Prototyp, Hamburg

    The vehicle that is on display at PROTOTYP now is neither a car nor a motorcycle: it is an original “driving machine” by Ernst Neumann-Neander from 1939, a case sui generis. On the race tracks of the 1930s this vehicle must have seemed like an ufo. Still nowadays the driving machine surprises n ... | Read more

    29.05.2009 - 100 Years of FUTURISM AND AUTOMOBILES

    special exhibition

    100 Years of Jahre Futurism - Automuseum Prototyp, Hamburg

    In 1909, Filippo Tommaso Marinetti invented the Futurism by publishing his "Futurist Manifesto". For more than 100 years the enduring strength and dynamism of this idea exuded. AUTOMUSEUM PROTOTYP has taken the 100-year anniversary as an opportunity to present a "Futurist Cabinet" with futuristic ar ... | Read more


    Automuseum PROTOTYP at Lake Como

    CONCORSO D´ELEGANZA VILLA D´ESTE - Automuseum Prototyp, Hamburg

    With the friendly assistance of the BMW Group Classic six cars of Automuseum PROTOTYP were presented at the CONCORSO D` ELEGANZA VILLLA D'ESTE from the 24th to 26th of April 2009. It was a great success.