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    Special exhibitions

    „Bernd Rosemeyer. 100.“ │ 14.10.2009 - 20.01.2012

    A natural race driver

    Bernd Rosemeyer. 100. - The special exhibition dedicated to a German racing legend - Automuseum Prototyp, Hamburg

    "You can’t learn race driving, race driving is a ... birth defect." (Bernd Rosemeyer) Rosemeyer, one of the most famous race drivers in the 1930s, laughed when a puzzled journalist noted this sentence. Rather it was a gift, a passion with which Bernd Rosemeyer was born on the 14th of October in 1 ... | Read more

    „100 Jahre Futurismus und das Automobil“ │ 29.05.2009 - 15.08.2009

    The future of the past

    1928 Opel RAK2 rocket car

    In 1909, Filippo Tommaso Marinetti invented the Futurism by publishing his "Futurist Manifesto". For more than 100 years the enduring strength and dynamism of this idea exuded. Automuseum PROTOTYP took the 100th anniversary as an opportunity to present a "Futurist Cabinet" with futuristic artworks a ... | Read more

    „Stromlinie“ │ 24.01.2009 - 25.03.2009

    100 Years Against The Wind

    Mercedes-Benz C111-3 Nardo

    The fascinating history of aerodynamics in automotive engineering... The special exhibition “Stromlinie” at Automuseum PROTOTYP told the story of one of the oldest and yet most topical issues in automotive history: the story of aerodynamics. From the beginning of aerodynamics in the 1920s and t ... | Read more

    „Den Erlkönig gesehen“ │ 20.04.2008 - 15.07.2008

    Photo exhibition

    "Im Spiegel" - Copyright Martin Luther

    7 days PROTOTYP. 7 photographers. 7 perspectives. The objective of this photo contest was to put the collection objects to a strained relationship with the still empty rooms of the historic building. The participants of the photo contest, which accompanied the opening of the museum, were members of ... | Read more