Automuseum PROTOTYP celebrates with this special exhibition sixty years of Formula One: full of emotions, passion and sensations, reckless drivers and high-performance race cars on dangerous tracks.

The rush of adrenaline, the speed, the organization, the technology: all these aspects make Formula One being so unique. Historic and modern Formula One cars were displayed. Photographs by renowned artist Rainer W. Schlegelmilch were on show. Thrilling stories of the race drivers, of the technology and the design disclosed 60 years of Formula One.

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The cars

  • 1949 Maserati 4CLT (F1-Saison 1950)
  • 1950 Alfa Romeo Alfetta 158
  • 1954 Maserati 250F (F1-Saison 1954-55)
  • 1960 Porsche 718-2 (F1-Saison 1961-64)
  • 1970 Matra-Simca MS120
  • 1983 Williams FW09 Rosberg (F1-Saison 1983-84)
  • 1986 Lotus 98T Senna
  • 1989 McLaren-Honda MP4-5 Prost
  • 1991 Jordan 191 F1 Schumacher
  • 2007 BMW Sauber F1.07

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