Porsche 911 GT1 ’98

New at Automuseum PROTOTYP

With the Porsche 911 GT1 ’98 – on loan from Porsche – Automuseum PROTOTYP in Hamburg’s HafenCity celebrates the 25th anniversary of the Porsche 911 Generation 996 and commemorates the brand’s 16th overall victory at the legendary 24 Hours of Le Mans in 1998.

A turning point at Porsche: for the first time in 1996 a Porsche 911 was powered by a purely water-cooled mid-engine with the GT1. The 3.2-litre six-cylinder boxer biturbo produced 600 hp and was designed for racing like the entire car. The GT1 racing series was the highest Gran Turismo category between 1994 and 1998, combining super sports cars with road-approved prototypes. For the purpose of homologation, the 911 GT1 produced a few road-approved examples.

This was followed in 1997 by the 911 GT1 Evo, which was already visually inspired by the new 996 series of the 911, and in 1998 by the further revised ‘98 version of the 911 GT1.

The 911 GT1 ’98 was the first Porsche to feature a carbon fibre chassis and carbon fibre brakes. The sequential shifting of the six-speed gearbox was also new. With its two turbochargers, which are supplied with charge air via the inlet on the roof, the engine produced around 550 hp and accelerated the 970 kg car to up to 315 km/h.

In 1998 – on the 50th anniversary of the brand’s existence – Porsche achieved its 16th overall victory at the legendary 24 Hours of Le Mans with the 911 GT1 ’98.

In total, Porsche produced only five examples of the 911 GT1 ’98. This car was used by the German customer team Zakspeed in the FIA GT World Championship and finished third at the 500km race in Silverstone.

Automuseum PROTOTYP is pleased to welcome this special car in its striking paintwork – reminiscent of a lighthouse at the green dike – to northern Germany.

Vehicle data: 3164 cc | 550 hp | 315 km/h | 970 kg | 1998 Year of manufacture

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